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Are you an experienced recruiter who would thrive in an environment where you could have complete autonomy and the opportunity to run your recruitment business without the stress of managing your back office? Imagine, a role where you focus only on your clients, your searches and your revenue…

We are offering you an opportunity to ‘partner’ with us and become part of something bigger. We are a global recruitment business operating in Singapore (covering Asia), Dubai (covering the Middle East) and London. We are celebrating our ten-year anniversary this year and over this decade, the company has evolved and become stronger and better positioned to meet the challenges of today’s ever changing markets.

We are a Global Boutique business. This means that we do not have a large team of people in one location; we have small teams in many locations. We currently have an established office in Singapore’s CBD which covers Asia Pac. In Dubai we cover the Middle East. Mid 2017, we set up in London. From there it could be New York, Australia, India – the opportunities are endless…


What does Work/Life Balance mean to us?

Working from home…Or wherever you are comfortable – this is common practice by the KS team. We have worked incredibly hard to build a culture focused on ‘having it all’; a successful and lucrative career coupled with a work environment where you get to do other things you love – sports, further education, travel, spending time with family…We all work extremely hard to meet our clients’ needs but we work smart meaning we don’t have to be at a desk from 9am to 6pm five days a week. It doesn’t mean you work any less, it just means you work clever.

We have small offices available to use in our locations but the focus is being able to work from home or remotely. This means our overheads are lower which means long term sustainability for our business.


The KS Environment

The KS environment is not suitable for a recruiter who thrives on being in a large office in a city center, surrounded by colleagues with a clear corporate career path. Someone who needs to work to KPIs set by management and requires a lot of management and motivation.


Who would suit this opportunity?

  • A mature, established, self-motivated and experienced recruiter who has done the ‘large business environment’ and is in the next stage of their career. You would have already have built a strong book of clients, have contacts and partnerships in the industry that you have become specialised in and know what you are doing. But you want more – you want autonomy and you want to run your own business but are hesitant in taking the big step in becoming self-employed; investing in business licences, accounting systems, databases, office space, insurances etc.
  • Maybe you are currently working for one of the medium to big firms and feel a little disillusioned; fed up of the rigid office hours and leave allowance, working towards KPIs and being micro managed, you want to do more, have the freedom to take control of your client base and account manage it, to build a team and diverse into other areas, to have the autonomy and empowerment to make decisions?
  • You may be returning to the workplace after a break and would like a flexible environment to fit into your lifestyle?
  • You may want to take the opportunity to study towards further education or take up a sport or hobby that excites you and would like a flexible role around it?
  • You may have no recruitment experience but are coming from industry and are well connected. We can teach you recruitment and train and mentor you and you can bring the industry experience and contacts.
What We Offer
  • The opportunity to do what you love with the flexibility and freedom you want; to earn a lucrative income but to enjoy your personal life at the same time.
  • Your colleagues are now your peers; a group of experienced, professional, successful people who admire each other’s achievements and work together to achieve more success, creating ideas and opportunities. We cross sell globally and share our candidates to ensure we all succeed together, it’s a warm and established team environment.
  • Working with an established brand that has in place a very strong back office; marketing, HR, Technology support, finance – allowing you to focus on what you are good at – Recruitment.
  • The opportunity to grow this business globally with us, help us build into new locations so that we can truly support our clients across the board.
The Roles

This is by no means an ‘easy’ job, one where you get to relax and that is why our interview process is rigorous and involves writing a business plan. This opportunity does not suit everyone, it in fact only suits very few people who truly have this natural will to succeed, work hard and are self-motivated.

We offer roles as Associate Partners which are structured at a very high commission of up to 60% of your fees. There is the opportunity to work towards Equity Partnership.


How can we offer this?

We believe this is a unique opportunity. The reason we can do it is because we have already spent ten years building our foundation – building our back office, our database, our clients, our networks and most importantly, our culture.

To find out more, please get in touch with our Managing Partner, Sonia Fuller: